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Our facilities include:      64-seat Dining Room 

                                      16-seat Lounge

                                      22-seat Bar Area

Whether you are looking to arrange for a table for six ordering a-la-carte or a banquet for sixty with a set menu, we are able to cater to a wide range of budgets & culinary preferences. 

Group Packages include:  Course Menus

                                      Buffet-style Dining

                                      All-you-can-drink Packages

Tour Operators: Please contact us for information regarding lunch or dinner packages that fit with your group tour itinerary. Our suggested packages include:

Japanese Set A

Japanese Spare Rib
Simmered Yuba
Cheese & Edamame Roll
Tempura Vegetables
Season Vegetable
Rolled Omelette
Miso Soup

Japanese Pickle

Japanese Set B

Karaage Chicken Bowl
Simmered Yuba
Cheese & Edamame Roll
Tempura Vegetables
Seasonal Vegetable
Shiso Meatball
Miso Soup

Western Set A

Chicken Parmigiana: Thin slices of tender, Japanese chicken breast is lightly breaded in panko & deep-fried before being topped with melted mozzarella, tomato sauce & grated parmesan cheese.

Pesto Pasta: Pasta prepared

al dente and covered in a fresh, fragrant basil sauce.

Western Set B

Swedish Meatballs:  Tender meatballs made from a seasoned mix of pork & beef are parboiled & browned before being smothered in soy-seasoned cream sauce. Traditionally served with a side of berry sauce.

Mashed Potatoes:  Select potatoes whipped with butter & milk create this creamy classic. 

Western Set C

Maple Stout Salmon: A thick steak of succulent salmon done in a sublime glaze of maple syrup & chocolate stout ale.

Herb Butter Rice: Thyme & parsley are folded in to fluffy, butter rice to create a fragrant accompaniment to glazed salmon.

All of the Western Sets include the following:

Seasonal Vegetables: Fresh veggies, lightly glazed in butter with a hint of sweetness.

Green Salad: Crisp veggies paired with homemade French dressing.

Dinner Roll: Made in-house, from scratch.

Drink: Choose either Oolong Tea or Soda Water.



Add Maple Crème Brûlée  

for an extra ¥200.

Lunch Sets can also be designed using a

combination of items from our 'Sharing Plates' menu.

Please contact us to discuss your preferences.

D'Vine Restaurant & Lounge

2-32 Honcho, Nikko, Tochigi, Japan